Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Historical Fiction or Fantasy?

A novel that is not easily classified is not an easy one to market. To explain to a potential buyer what your new book is about is very difficult. My book is based on a factual time or era with some real  characters an some fictional. Confused? Wait there's more. The novel is based on medieval lays or poems which in turn are based in the 5th Centure AD. Even more confused? Well it is becoming obvious this book was not written to make lots of money...though you never know.

My first novel Armourer Book One of the Burgundiians also contains large chunks of fantastic elements woven into the factual fiction. This is where you lose publishers interest big time. I know that it is a good that I would like to read... and that is what keeps me marketing my novel as I truly feel it deserves an audience. Most writers will tell you that a book usually writes itself and they are merely the channel or facilitator. This was true for me. The best analogy I can find is that to write, for me, is like walking on rocks down at the beach. Walking quickly and deciding which rock offers the surest footing and direct route for me to make progress. It can be quite thrilling.

Armourer is my book. I researched it, I wrote it and rewrote it until it is a marketable product. For more visit and enter into my world.

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Armourer Book One Of the Burgundiians

Armourer Book One Of the Burgundiians